Food tours

Food & Wine Experiences will take you for a fully guided and personalized walking tour for 2 to 3 hours through some of the most interesting, historic and fascinating parts of Braga.

We will show you some of the hidden secrets while explaining the history of the city along the way.

all tapas INCLUDED  /  all wine INCLUDED  /  at least 4 tasting stops   /   2 – 3 HOURS   /   2 km (1.24 miles)

Petiscos / Tapas

Discover the Minho cuisine, that is known for its traditional cooking, fresh products, original recipes and influences of the old past.  All  amazing dishes go along with the best wines, also produced in the region.

wine glasses, drink, wine

Vines / Vinhos

Do you know the different portuguese wine regions? You will try with us a good variety of wines from all Portugal.

History and Culture of Braga

We will introduce you to Braga´s history and culture by visiting different hidden sites of the city, and local points of interest.  By the end of the walking tour you are going to really feel like you have got your bearings in Braga!